Anti-Aging Services Offered by Dr. Hirschenbein

Neil Hirschenbein M.D., offers a wide number of integrative medicine therapies that can help men and women to increase their health and wellness, which can improve their overall quality of life. Integrative medicine combines conventional and alternative medicine services to often patient a wider range of treatment options. Often times, conventional therapies are good for treating acute problems; however, for long-term issues or for preventative and regenerating medicine, alternative therapies may offer patients healthier solutions. Integrative and alternative therapies are usually non-invasive, and they can help patients to effectively overcome health issues.

One of the treatment options that can help patients prevent illnesses and regenerate the body is bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. As a La Jolla California Anti Aging Doctor, Neil Hirschenbein M.D., uses this therapy to help get to the root causes of health issues, and it may help to prevent or reverse the many different signs of aging and hormone decline. Both men and women can benefit from this preventative medicine service and other integrative therapies that are available at the clinic.

Neil Hirschenbein M.D., has helped numerous men and women to increase their health and overcome their health challenges.

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy helps both women and men, and it treats disorders related to hormone imbalances. Syndromes such as PMS, peri-menopause, menopause, and andropause call all be helped with BHRT.

Cancer Prevention maintains physical and emotional balance can help to prevent breast and prostate cancer.

Thermography allows the doctor to see temperature changes in various parts of the body that could indicate disease. Breast changes can be detected months to years earlier than a mammogram, and cancer formation can possibly be prevented.

Nutritional Evaluation and Weight Management patients that need nutritional or weight loss guidance can be helped with Dr. Hirschenbein’s specialized nutritional knowledge.

Healthy Aging and Peak Performance, Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy combined with a nutritional and exercise program can help to drastically delay the process of aging and enhance overall performance.

Osteoporosis Prevention and Treatment, when bones are not able to absorb the proper nutrients and minerals, they may become brittle and porous. Lack of exercise may also contribute to forming osteoporosis and can be helped with an exercise program.

Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention maintain a healthy diet and exercise program can help to prevent heart disease and stokes.

Stress Management, reduce and manage stress that can be a key element to improving health and wellbeing. Patients may be able to feel healthier and happier with a program that helps to manage stress.

Optimizing Supplements can correct nutritional and mineral deficiencies, which can improve immune function, cellular health, and overall vitality.

Non-Pharmacologic Treatment of Disease, holistic treatments that are non-invasive and comprehensive can help to treat disease and symptoms with little to no prescription medication.